Day 5 SXM to Newport

Noon Position 35deg 33N 70deg  19W

Course  – 338 Degrees   Speed – 10   Knots        Day’s Run -271  Miles

Weather –   Calm conditions and sunny skies

Wind  – 7  knots from  44  degrees

We have had periods of good sailing weather  followed by light conditions and then wind on the nose. We have had a bit of everything in the last 24 hours. Now we are starting to feel effects of the Gulf Stream. Earlier this morning we had a knot of current with  but now we have a knot against us. We are hoping to get some more favourable currents soon.

At this stage we are going to be struggling to get to Newport tomorrow before dark unless we get a good push of 2-3 knots from the Gulf Stream for several hours.


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