Day 4 SXM to Newport

Noon Position  31deg 19N 68deg  26W

Course  -340  Degrees   Speed –  12  Knots        Day’s Run –  261 Miles

Weather – Cloudy with rain showers around and 1-2m swell from NW Wind  – 18  knots from  035  degrees

Still no fish and Penny even took fish out of the freezer for dinner. That nearly always guarantees fish on the lines. There has been very light winds from behind and we have been motoring most of the time with no sails. We are now waiting for the wind to spin 180 degrees and fill in meaning we can get some sails up and speed up. It is due to happen in the next hour or 2 if the forecast is correct.

The sea temperature is slowly dropping. It was 26 C when we left the Caribbean and we are now down to 21. We will be following it closely in the coming days as we approach the Gulf Stream. We may see temperatures as much as 28 C as we cross the main stream of it.

The wind change has just come. We wend from 4 knots from 240 degrees to 18 knots from 35 degrees in a matter of minutes. We are now charging along at 12 knots into a 2m swell and it is pouring with rain. The pleasant downwind Caribbean sailing is over.

Cheers JC

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