Day 3 Antigua to Florida

Noon Position 21 deg09 N 74deg 32 W

Course  -295  Degrees   Speed – 11   Knots        Day’s Run – 271  Miles

Weather –  Sunny with 2-3m messy seas.

Wind  – 22  knots from  100  degrees

Happy Easter. It is amazing where the Easter bunny can find you. The crew  are enjoying a basket full of chocolate Easter eggs.

The last 24 hours has been a roller coaster ride. In the afternoon the wind did turn a little but not as much as we had hoped. We did manage to get the main and staysail full and knocked off some good miles. Most of the afternoon and evening we had 35-40 knots and a 4m swell from behind. Around 2am we had to take the main down as the wind shifted too far behind. By this stage we were getting in the lee of Great Inagua Island, in the southern Bahamas, which allowed the seas to flatten a bit. Soon after sunrise we were back out into the swell and are rolling along again. We are all looking forward to getting in the lee of the Bahama bank tonight and having calmer seas.

It has been too rough to keep fishing lures in the water so no fish still.

We have been making good time and at this stage should be arriving Tuesday morning at West Palm Beach.


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