Day 14 St M to Palma

Noon Position  36deg 08N 005deg  22W Gibraltar

Course  -  Degrees   Speed - 0   Knots        Day’s Run - 168  Miles

Weather -  Sunny but cool 

Wind  -  20 knots from  70  degrees

It was amazing that yesterday afternoon could be so different from the morning. We had smooth seas and light winds. We had the fishing lines out but no strikes. Unfortunately the weather changed again in the evening and we had 40 knots on the nose while we were trying to get through the Straits. This wind against the current flowing in to the Med made for very lumpy seas which slowed us down to 6 knots at times. We then had to make our way through all the traffic and anchored vessels in the Bay of Gibraltar and find space to anchor. If you are interested in how many boats we are dealing with click on this link and choose Gibraltar, GI as the port. We finally dropped the anchor at 5.15am and then put the clocks forward 2 hrs. We will now be in GMT +2 time zone for the rest of the journey.

We are now fueled up and waiting to see how Paz gets on with her ankle at the Doctor. Jordi and Richard are getting some fresh supplies from the supermarket and when everyone is back onboard we will continue our journey to Palma which is another 450 miles.


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